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I just discovered Kishi Bashi, thanks to NPR’s All Songs Considered. So joyful! I’m going to go listen to everything they’ve put out ever now. (Also, look at that gorgeous album art. I might just buy a t-shirt, ah…)

Anyway, All Songs’ “Favorite Music of the Year So Far" is a very enjoyable listen, as much for the music recs as for the accompanying commentary - you will discover "music to make lentils to", and learn about the groundbreaking "Jepsen unit". I listen to and thoroughly enjoy a few NPR podcasts, but All Songs was the first one I started out with, and I am incredibly fond of Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton. :D 

(Source: Spotify)

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NPR's April Fool's Jokes  →

I love everyone in this house. My favorites among their runners-up:

— Citing Safety Risks, 30 States Outlaw ‘Driveway Moments’

— Facebook App Lets Friends See Your Tax Returns

— House, Senate, White House Agree On Budget

— Six Surefire Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercising Or Eating Right

— CPB Paid Clooney, Others For ‘I Love NPR’ Endorsements
(I think this one is my absolute favorite)  

— Men Of NPR: The Calendar (um hi you guys

— R. Kelly Commissioned To Write New ATC Theme

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The automated email you get from NPR when you submit an application includes the following in its FAQs:

If I work for NPR, am I required to use a tote bag?

Tote bags are entirely optional.

I ❤ you all, please let me be your friends. :D

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I can hope, I can daydream, but certainly think that the chances of me being read 50 years from now or 100 years from now are probably not good. That cannot be your only end. You cannot write to be immortal because you will never know. It’s impossible. Just write as well as you can and don’t speculate about whether you will be Chaucer or Shakespeare.


writer Donald Hall on NPR’s Fresh Air (via forwhenifeellikesharing)

Omg, yes. For personal reference - this post.

I have learned that the only way for me to overcome that mental obstacle is to tell myself that we (I) can’t do things for fame, or extreme glory, or for awards and prizes, though in moderation those are fair goals to aspire to. I can only do things because I choose to, or for people I care about, and hopefully always with integrity and gratitude. If that means writing something someday that only maybe two people will read, that’s okay.
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