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Would you consider putting together a collection of essays / your past video-game journalism, kind of like Nick Hornby's "31 Songs" or "Stuff I've Been Reading" columns? (Alternatively, some kinda third-person (or still autobiographical) narrative on video games and life in comics-form would probably be cool to read as well!)


It’s the sort of thing I’ve considered, because I’m an awful egotist.

(I’m the sort of person who does buy books of collected essays, and when doing my self-education thing as a critic did read a lot of them. To have one of my own would obviously be satisfying on a lot of levels.)

I kinda consider putting together an Ebook of all the essays on games that I’ve started since leaving games journalism. Obviously that would involve finishing them. I’ve got what would amount to 20-25k of stuff lying around.

And there’s one idea for a book on games which has nagged on me. Entirely self-indulgent, but I think it’d be fun. It’ll be basically THIS IS UNCOOL but with games - as in, a sort of autobiographical structure of pieces on individual games which also moves through my life, and why each game mattered both to me and the world, etc. Basically, a little like my GAMING MADE ME but with more critical games-related stuff as well as the human interest, but expanded to a book.

Yes please :D

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K I watched Godzilla earlier tonight and am now hiding from a possible cockroach (Schrodinger’s cockroach?) in my room so what’s a girl gonna do but drink tea eat blueberries and come up with Marvel NOW / MCU / Pacific Rim mashups right